Saturday 26 December 2015

Christmas presents

Mam likes to theme her Christmas presents.
This year she bought me all Vintage.  I absolutely adore them.
How amazing is the hat!!!!  The brown case is a vintage make up/cosmetics case, but I shall use it as a hat box to store the hat.
I have two weddings coming up in 2016 so I will definitely wear the hat for at least one of them.  I need to find the right dress to go with it.  The clutch purse is navy (I know it looks black in the photo) so it will go with the hat also.
Lydia got me all kinds of fabulous stuff!  There was a big joke because half of it were things that she got free at travel conventions and exhibitions with the airline company (she did some promotional work this year).  But I must say some of the free stuff was very useful - a luggage scales which I always mean to buy.
How cute is this mug which she did of course buy!

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