Saturday 26 December 2015

Christmas Day 2015

 A pictorial drive by of Christmas 2015
First up I had a Baileys coffee in bed.  It's Christmas after all! 
Harry with his Christmas present.  He was really cute and kept looking at it and putting his paw on the netting.  And then he fell asleep on top of it.
Lydee and dad came up to the house at about ten to collect me (so that I could have a drink during the day).
I had another Baileys coffee with Lyd,  It's Christmas afterall.
I had popped some M&S food in the oven and brought it to mams where I laid it out nice.
I made pork belly with hot honey glaze and coated prawns.  I forgot to bring sweet chilli dipping sauce so Lydia whipped up a little home made concoction of mayonnaise, honey, pepper and chilli powder.  She's great in a food emergency, you'd know she was cabin crew :-)
  Lyd looked after all the drinks and served them all with a cute little candy cane on the glasses.  We had our next door neighbours in (3) and Faith, Graham and the kids.  The house was busy but not for long.
Table before dinner
After dinner we did what we do every year and played games from 4pm to approx. 10pm. We play mainly quiz games and word games, and a fun jenga-like game with little plastic champagne glasses. 
Dad went down and collected Nana at about 7/8pm and she was in good form,
Dad dropped me home about 10pm.  I was so so tired at that point.  I was strangely tired all day, I think I had gone to bed a little late on Christmas Eve
Christmas day night ended as most of my Christmas Days do with some toblerone and tv.
It was a lovely day. 

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