Friday 18 December 2015

Dolce Sicily, Dawson Street, Dublin

 After a meeting/event I attended today we were provided with a  lunch from Dolce Sicily on Dawson Street.
First we had lovely sandwiches/rolls - made from soft Italian bread with Italian ham, turkey and cherry tomatoes.
And then we had mini Italian pastries for dessert. 
Doesn't the packaging for the tray of desserts look beautiful
How about this for heavenly!
I particularly liked the chocolate in crispy pastry (at the front) but I also tried the ones beside the chocolate - they are very small I promise!!!! The cream ones are made out of ricotta cheese(!!) mixed with sugar and pistachio nut topping. 
I wouldn't have thought that I would have liked a ricotta cheese dessert (truth be told I probably would not have tried it had I know what it was made of)  but I liked it a lot! 

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