Wednesday 30 December 2015

Christmas Films

This Christmas has really been lovely.  I haven't been doing much - just chilling out at home and spending time with family.  I've also been watching a lot of movies.  More on that below. 

One thing I haven't been doing is reading.  I intended on doing a lot but have not as of yet...I still have a few more days I suppose to get in to some books.

True Grit
I watched the remake version (2010) and I really enjoyed it. 

The Brittany Murphy story
I found this film on Netflix - surprising it is released so soon on the Irish Netflix to be honest.  It is a good representation of the poor Brittany's life but my god is the actress playing her completely unlike her, and oh my god how ridiculously bad are the hairpieces and wigs used in it.

Making a Murderer
I am in the middle of watching this netflx documentary and I am literally in shock at how crazy it is.  Watch it!!!  DO  NOT GOOGLE anything about it, just watch it.

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